The UnTour Podcast was created for the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA)'s 2022 annual conference in Philadelphia.  Each SHA conference includes a "Public Day" of activities and events geared towards connecting the general public to archaeology and the work of archaeologists.  In light of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the 2022 public day planning committee sought to create an activity that was outdoors and socially distanced.  In addition, the committee wanted to highlight the historical richness of the city, lesser-known sites and stories, and draw attention to the loss of archaeological resources and cultural heritage - thus, the UnTour Podcast was born. The UnTour Podcast is a self-guided walking tour of the sites and stories lost to time, development, disaster, or neglect.

The UnTour Podcast - Philadelphia was produced in partnership with the Digital Studies Center at Rutgers University-Camden.  Under the guidance of faculty from the Departments of History, English, Visual Media & Performing Arts, and Chemistry, Rutgers-Camden students wrote, produced, and recorded each "episode" of the UnTour Podcast.

Production Team

Milosz Krupinski

Milosz Krupinski, Historian & Producer

Milosz's LinkedIn profile

Milosz Krupinski is a recent graduate of Rutgers University-Camden with a BA in History and Digital Studies. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, hiking, playing video games, reading, and watching movies.

Liam Fleming

Liam Fleming, Writer/Producer

Liam's LinkedIn profile | Liam's personal webpage

Liam Fleming is pursuing an MA in English, with a concentration in Literature and Social Justice. He likes writing, running, watching horror movies. After graduating, he wants to make podcasts for a living.

Alaina Pomykacz

Alaina Pomykacz, Writer/Sound design/Talent

Alaina is an English student with a focus on writing, which she loves to do in her free time in addition to reading, visiting museums, and spending time outdoors. A long-time lover of learning, she hopes to pursue a PhD and a career in academia.

Thomas Macpherson

Thomas "TJ" MacPherson, Audio Engineer/Mixer/Editor

TJ's personal webpage

TJ is pursuing an MA in English. He likes the cutting edge and the obsolete alike.

Faculty Advisors

Robert Emmons - provided all podcasting guidance to the student production team

Charlene Mires - provided historical advisement and her students in public history provided beta testing

Nicole Belolan - provided historical and accessibility advisement

Jim Brown - coordinated the support/funding from the Digital Studies Center and recommended the student production team

Kimberlee Moran - hatched the idea of the UnTour and sought the aid of the faculty advisors listed above to turn the idea into reality